Reindeer on the roof!

Reindeer on the roof!

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


It’s Christmas morning and Darcey wakes up to a sparkly tree, a stocking full of presents and a Reindeer on the roof!

Why is the Reindeer here? Shouldn’t it be with Santa and all the other Reindeer? Is it lost? Without the other Reindeer and Santa’s sleigh, how will it ever get home?

Join Darcey on her epic adventure to get her new Reindeer friend back to Lapland where he belongs and discover the true meaning of Christmas along the way…

A magical Chritmas show this year at The SandPit Theatre performed by Hodgepodge Theatre Company, this show is a family show aimed at ages 3+, perfect to bring a bit of affordable Christmas magic to the season!