Matilda Jr

Matilda Jr

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Matilda the Musical JR. opens with enthusiastic school children celebrating a birthday and singing their own praises… except for Matilda. According to her parents, she is nothing but a nuisance. Matilda’s father reveals his scheme to sell old automobiles as brand new luxury cars to Hungarian businessmen. Matilda doesn’t believe this is fair and goes to her room, pausing on the way to mix her father’s hair tonic with her mother’s hair dye, with devastating consequences.

Matilda then visits Mrs Phelps at her local library. She tells the librarian the first part of the tale of the Acrobat and the Escapologist. Matilda then starts her first day at school. Matilda’s teacher, Miss Honey, cares deeply about her students and instantly recognises Matilda’s incredible intelligence. However, the school’s spiteful headmistress, Miss Trunchbull has little time for Matilda, or any of the other students.

Matilda’s classmate, Nigel, is blamed for a prank and Miss Trunchbull threatens to put him into the torturous ‘Chokey.’ Meanwhile, Mr Wormwood’s plans go to pot. Back at school, Miss Trunchbull accuses Matilda of eating her chocolate cake, but the culprit turns out to be Bruce, who is duly punished and forced to eat the entire cake.

Matilda returns to the library to continue her story for Mrs Phelps. Back at school, Trunchbull believes the students are up to something and this is soon confirmed, as Lavender puts a newt into Miss Trunchbull’s water jug.  Miss Honey then reveals to Matilda that her aunt is none other than MissTrunchbull!

The next day, Miss Trunchbull challenges Miss Honey’s class to a spelling test and threatens to put every child into the Chokey. This sparks rebellion and some mysterious writing starts to appear on the board. The message terrifies Miss Trunchbull and she flees.

Back at the Wormwood’s, the Hungarians are less than pleased with Mr Wormwood’s scam. Fortunately, due to Matilda, her father is let off the hook. It all ends happily as The Wormwoods depart for Spain and Matilda goes to live with Miss Honey.