Let'z Zep

Let'z Zep

Opens Wed Feb 23 2022

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Letz Zep the official number one tribute to Led Zeppelin and Baby They Ain't Foolin' Awarded as 'The Most Popular' and 'The Most Highly Rated' tribute to Led Zeppelin today by the authoritative Ticketmaster Organisation.

Letz Zep cover the entire recording career of Led Zeppelin. From the haunting melody of 'Kashmir' to the rockers such as 'Whole Lotta Love and 'Immigrant Song'. The folksy acoustics such as 'Going to California' and 'Babe I'm Gonna Leave You' to the classic 'Stairway to Heaven' a concert by Letz Zep bring you an evening with the music of the greatest rock band EVER! Led Zeppelin. Letz Zep are not an exercise in nostalgia but a heart rendering cry against complacency and forgetfulness. Faithfully recreating the sights and sounds of Led Zeppelin at their awesome best.

Bringing the music of Led Zeppelin to new generations of audience, and confirming Letz Zep as the number one tribute to Led Zeppelin.