Performance Support Award

Performance Support Award

What is the Performance Support Award?

The performance support award recognises the achievements of young people who are interested in the backstage world and helps them to achieve and progress in an ever-changing and expanding industry.

It was developed by the School Theatre Support Group (STSG) in response to demands for a non-academic course template for those responsible for students undertaking extra-curricular activities backstage and in theatre. The award is supported by 'The Stage newspaper' and 'The National Skills Academy,' as well as being recognised by the ABTT and other industry bodies.

Aims of the Award

  • To increase the level of interest and participation in backstage theatre elements
  • To encourage young people to consider a career in theatre]
  • Something to be used as a skill or interest for job applications and CVs

  • Sandringham School already run the National Arts Award Project and the performance support award will be the perfect accompaniment to this.

    Who can do the Performance Support Award?

    The performance support award is aimed at young people aged 11 - 18, however it can be undertaken by anyone with an interest in the backstage world of theatre.

    How is it assessed?

    The individual must produce a portfolio of work for internal assessment that is then moderated. Similar to the Arts Award, this can be in the form of a scrapbook or journal etc. and should include the following;

  • Show Programmes
  • Tickets
  • Images and photos
  • Journal entries
  • Copies of technical paperwork; cue sheets, rig plans, scripts

  • September 2016 sees the launch of the pilot year of the award and 2017 will see the official launch of the accredited award. We are launching the award in September 2016 and have no doubt that it will benefit all of our volunteers and increase their knowledge in this discipline.

    If you would like to get involved please email Jonathan Downs, theatre technician at