The Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier

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Jack stayed on when the guns fell silent, to search the battlefields for the boys that could not go home - for the dead and the missing, for both enemy and friend – and amongst the rusty wire and unexploded bombs Jack is looking for something – looking for someone. He has a promise to keep and a debt to repay, and now there is this strange request from the generals.

The Unknown Soldier is a moving, often humorous, but above all thought provoking new theatre piece by the award nominated writer Ross Ericson, for Grist to the Mill Productions. It looks at the First World War from a new perspective, through the eyes of a man who has survived the carnage but who finds it hard to return home. It is a story of betrayal, of the deep friendship that can only be found between those who fight and die together, and of a world that has changed for ever.

‘Strong writing, an original approach and a sensitive performance bring fresh power to a reminder of the horrors of war.’– The Stage