Old McDonald and The Three Pigs

Old McDonald and The Three Pigs

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Booster Cushion Theatre present a comical version of the three pigs tale. With the help of a farmer, the audience, mime, a wild bunch of animals, squeaking and a large concentina book, this fun story comes to life!

The Three Pigs are fed up with singing “Eee aye eee aye oh!” every day and bravely decide to move away from Old McDonald’s farm. Join the kind  farmer and all of their animal friends in helping the little pigs build homes of their own, but beware, the big bad Wolf is on the prowl.

Can you help save the day and stop the wolf blowing all the pigs hard work away?

A colourful and fun interactive show featuring a 5m wide book, lots of silly props, pop ups and audience participation! The children help identify farm produce, sing and take part as the animals on the farm.